Baby care - 12 months

Your little of bundle of joy will be in safe hands with our qualified and experienced staff.  All new parents & babies will have a full 5 day induction (where requested) to allow a smooth and stress free itergration to nursey life.  Our staff will understand every babies individual needs and parents are welcome to come and visit their child at anytime.

The baby room will have limited space until April 2018 as a new, larger room is being built for this age group.

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Toddler Room (12months - 24months)

This is the stage were children really grow and we all begin to learn their personalities.  We encourage children to be individuals and our staff will provide a wide selection of daily and weekly activities to allow your child to experience many new things such as:

  • Daily Reading
  • Gardening
  • Animal petting
  • Cooking lessons (in our sepcially designed kitchen)
  • Mini sporting activities
  • Disco parties
  • Role Play Activites

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Pre School Room (2yrs - 4yrs)

We pride ourselves on making learning fun!  All children grow and develop at different stages and we will encourge and support your child at every milestone.  Some of the many things we offer children aged 2-4yrs are:

  • Daily reading time
  • Daily outdoor supervised play
  • A wide variety of play including painting, drawing, trains, puzzles and animals.
  • Weekly Yoga seasons
  • Tumble Time activities
  • Yearly Sports Days
  • Nativity Plays

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